10 Ways to Learn Guitar


10.  YouTube

If you know what you are looking for, YouTube is a great FREE resource.  The upside is it is always there for you 24/7.  The downside is finding a good path through all that mess.  As a beginner, how do you know that Jim Bob’s YouTube Channel is any better than the next?  I say, if you are getting it, then go with it.

9.  Online Paid Skype Lessons

This is a way to get good one on one attention but presents a few challenges in scheduling.  Also, finding the right personality/instructor may be trial and error.  Who wants to pay someone and have to sit there and watch them play for you? That is just a possibility if you find a bad apple, I’m not saying that is going to happen at all.

8.  Books

As long as you can comprehend what you read, or know how…

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