How to play guitar

One day you finally decide, after months or years of jibber jabber jerking around, that you are ready to put heart and soul into learning to play guitar.

Great. This is put up or shut up time, I hope you understand. There is to be no more wishing, it’s time to start doing.

So how? Get a guitar, get a tuner or tuner app. YouTube how to tune a guitar. There, you just passed your first obstacle… For Free! (I also have a post on Tuning, check the Menu.)

Now it gets messy. You could pick a song and try to learn it from YouTube, but you are doing yourself a huge disservice by increasing your chances of frustration.

You need to get comfortable, need to work on finger pain and build strength.

You need Self Start Guitar – 10 Easy Lessons. I was there, I have helped hundreds. You can benefit from my work and organization.

Heap on the serious!



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