10 Ways to Learn Guitar

10.  YouTube

If you know what you are looking for, YouTube is a great FREE resource.  The upside is it is always there for you 24/7.  The downside is finding a good path through all that mess.  As a beginner, how do you know that Jim Bob’s YouTube Channel is any better than the next?  I say, if you are getting it, then go with it.

9.  Online Paid Skype Lessons

This is a way to get good one on one attention but presents a few challenges in scheduling.  Also, finding the right personality/instructor may be trial and error.  Who wants to pay someone and have to sit there and watch them play for you? That is just a possibility if you find a bad apple, I’m not saying that is going to happen at all.

8.  Books

As long as you can comprehend what you read, or know how to resource the internet if something is not making sense, this is a great option.  I’m bias here, and I don’t know about other authors, but I will gladly answer questions for anyone through here or twitter.

7.  Friends/Family

Seems like a good idea, or could be a disaster.  Scheduling challenges, and are they really prepared to lead you in an orderly fashion?  The best idea here is to find out if they have helped people in the past.

6.  In Person Paid Lessons

This is always a good idea.  It’s probably the most expensive way, but can be the most thorough.  Again, matching up with a good personality and scheduling are going to be the challenges.

5.  Rocksmith

I have messed around with this game a couple of times, and I do believe one can learn from it.  It is expensive to outfit a guitar, game system, and game.  You can play at your whim, and move at your pace.

4.  Online Resources

These are websites that will offer some free lessons to lead you into a paid program of videos.  Probably a good idea, but you will be getting junk email all the time trying to up-sell you to the next plan.

3.  DVDS

You may buy a guitar and get a free Lessons DVD, or find them at the music store.  I am a fan of Lesson DVDs for more precise skills to learn later on.  I preach foundation first, then honing in on a style…  DVDs will be great for that latter process.  For example:  Blues Licks – Just snag a DVD on it.  (You can also YouTube specifics!)

2.  School

For a more formal and proper way to learn, get involved at school.  You may start out with a different instrument, but as you progress you can make your way to guitar.  In college, you can take guitar at all levels.

1.  Combo

Grab a book and teach yourself the foundation, YouTube specifics, and ask your friends and/or family to jam (they can be helpful at giving you hints.)  Play Rocksmith if and when you can, and take a couple of one off lessons a few times a year to maximize your results.


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