Guitarists of Reddit

Here is a question from Reddit and my contribution to an answer:

Reddit Question:

I recently bought a 6-string electric guitar, and I want to know the best method to teach myself, and to get better. I’ve played the saxophone for the last 7 years, so I know how to read music really well, and I know a fair amount about music theory. I’ve learned some basic chord shapes, but how should I go about learning to play better? Should I work on scales, practicing songs with online tabs, of watching youtube videos, or all of the above, etc.?

My Reply:

All of the above, one at a time.

But first, define for yourself what type of player will you be content with being. Do you want to be a songwriter/singer or a lead player (country,rock,hard/heavy, jazz, hybrid, whatever) or a solo instrumentalist. Do you want to cover other songs, or emulate a certain style, or compose? Do you aspire to join a group, or form a group of your own?

At this point, and with your music experience, start gearing your practice towards your overall plan with what you are wanting out of playing guitar. I would also suggest getting some jam time in with some more experienced players… you never know what and how that may help you out.

Best to you!

Being a 7 year saxophone player, he obviously knows the importance of practice.  He already is 2 or 3 steps up on a guitar newbie, he just needs to translate his musical knowledge and get physically accustomed to the guitar.  Other responses were great, but I think I added to the conversation by helping him think long term and how to apply that to what and how he practices now.

Keep your eyes on reddit guitar as well as this blog.  You can never get enough information!


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