Selling makes me happy too…

I’ve had this beginning guitar lessons eBook going for a few months now.  I have done some promo giveaways because I hear “word of mouth sells books.”

That may be true, but really what I have found is that people (not necessarily you) don’t take free seriously. 

Honestly, at this point, don’t give me a mass appeal to people wanting free lessons.  Give me a handful of people every week or month that will make a small investment in their learning.

Four or five dollars is a pack of strings…. A magazine… A fast food meal… Or beginning guitar lessons.

Which of those has the best long term return? 

And since you have money on it (skin in the game) then it’s up to you to get your value out of it. 

I claim that if you know and are comfortable with these lessons, then that knowledge is worth at least $50 of traditional one on one lessons.  Easily. 

If you are a seeker of free internet stuff and YouTube videos, I still believe that working through and understanding my eBook will help you grasp everything faster.  A little direction is worth the money. 

It makes me happy when a sale comes in.  I haven’t yet bought even a single soda with your money to date.  I’m actually trying to let this build up for my son to cash in on in 12 years when he goes to college.   I think that’s the best thing we can all do.  It’s such a fair trade off… You learn your intro guitar basics and I get (after Amazon/iTunes cut) a couple bucks to bank for the little guy. 

Thanks and keep working! 


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