If I did a podcast…

I thought about making a podcast interview series with all the guitarists I know based around questions involving how, when and why they started playing guitar.  But upon further thought, I figured the stories would all be four kinds of similar. 

I imagine the Group A people would say:
Had a family member or friend inspire and teach.

Group B:
Took lessons or played in student band with another instrument then took up guitar later.

Group C:
Talked parents into buying me a guitar and did formal lessons for a while then just learned from books and magazines on my own.

Group D:
Was given a guitar or saved up for one and learned mainly from books and by ear.

Furthermore all the stories would be the same when I would ask about practice.  All the groups would tell me about hours upon hours of routine practice. 

All the groups would also have a story of failure, or of times when it seemed they weren’t improving.

For a minute the podcast sounded like a good idea, but I think I can sum up 85% of that content.  It may be worth doing just to test my speculations and to figure out what cool stories may be in that 15% that I don’t know about.

I haven’t talked myself completely out of it yet.


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