Surround yourself heavily in guitar… for all you can

If you are wanting someone to teach you to play guitar live and in person, that’s great but don’t let it stop there.  Pick up everything you can handle from any number of sources and people.

You will be surprised how more effective it will be to round up some people to jam/play/learn from when you already have some tools in your bag.

I like playing with beginners because I appreciate where they are coming from and I like finding out what motivates them to play.  But believe me, it is way more fun (for me) if you already know something about what you are doing.  It’s not square 1 every time.  I think your guitar player friends would  agree.

The secret is if you can show that you do work on it.  That shows your interest level is up to a serious, rather than a passive.  We seasoned players pick up on that immediately and we give/put our efforts in accordingly.


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