Attitude Is Everything

Yesterday I was scanning some tweets and I came across a rather foolish one about learning guitar. 

The person had given up and said they are selling their guitar because no one has the patience to teach them. 

That to me sounds like a cop out.  The blame is put on the people who don’t have the patience. The real reason has to be this persons give up attitude. 

If you are committed to learn, which you need to be to actually do it, there is no give up.

Believe in yourself and seek other options.  There is more than one way to skin this cat.

I didn’t bother trying to connect with this person.  They clearly aren’t ready.  But what they will never know is that I did find a very enthusiastic and positive person who I offered to help. 

If you where me, where would you rather put your chips? 

Attitude is everything.


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