Monday Motivational Quote

I usually put up a quote about playing music, or practicing, or really just something motivational in efforts to start your week off on a good foot. 

Today I just want to tell you that over this weekend I didn’t spend much time begging people to visit the blog… Or to buy an eBook…
Guess what?  The whole thing didn’t fall apart.  I actually had 2 decent days of natural occurring views and eBook downloads. 

OK, for full disclosure, I do have a couple of automated reminders… But I usually still embellish the message double to triple that.

So thank you for being interested in guitar and connecting with me to help you find the answer.

Continue to take initiative and you will learn to pay guitar.

If you are asking “will someone teach me guitar…”

Always replace the word “someone” with your own name.

This is the world we live in… The you do world, so don’t fall behind waiting on someone else to help you out.

I’m a do’er, and I wouldn’t want it any other way for myself. I fail a lot, and I get bummed out. But my highs are giant, and that’s what keeps me moving, taking risks, and flushing out ideas.

I wait for no one to get ideas done.

I ignore the naysayers.

If I want it, I make it.
If I don’t know it, and want to, then I learn it.
If I fail, I’ll try again if I want it bad enough…

I usually try again… Knowing and remembering more the second time around.

Always keeping in mind:
Failures lead to success.

Quote me on any of that.

Have a good week folks!


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