Goals are stupid… Yes they are.

Don’t have goals…

Have a path instead…

Which sounds better:

1. It is my goal to play guitar.

2. It is my path to play guitar.

Right #2!

Why, because it sounds real.

It sounds like you know your direction, whereas #1 sounds dreamy and fantastical.

The minute something becomes a goal, it’s gone.

It’s in the static of all the things you want to do.

It lives in the clouds of wishes, not just yours but everyone else’s.

It paints a picture of what you think perfection is.

The minute something becomes your path, it’s one step and one day at a time

And if the path leads you there, awesome.

If the path leads you somewhere else, awesome.

Goals are stupid.

They say nothing to the journey.

They pay no respect to the ways and hows to get somewhere.

A path gives you something you can do every day…

It’s a theme for your life.

A path is your destiny.

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