Now get on it!

Good People,

I just gave away over 100 downloads of 10 Easy Lessons through Amazon in the past two days.  I hope at least 5 of you (ideally all of you) work hard, ask questions, and take it serious.  I’m telling you, if you grasp those fundamentals, you have yourself a big hunk guitar skill clay that you can mold, bisque fire, glaze and glaze fire to make your own tea cup… for your own cup of tea of coarse.

Most of you know to find me at twitter.  So please, if you have any issues or need any further explanation let me know.  I’ll do what ever I can to help…  and I can get ideas on future blog posts to address those issues, and possibly even update the lessons.  I will get better from you, you will get better at guitar from me.

When you finish the lessons, know the information, and are well practiced… please leave me a kind review at Amazon!  Also, if you have music or videos to show the world, let me know and I will help you share it.  (I have an amplifier company and my LinkedIn is well stacked with music industry professionals…. no promises, but when promoting music never turn down any free promotion… unless it conflicts with your principles.)

I want your “thank yous,” but not in direct words to me… 


  • Leave me a kind review…
  • Tell your friends how you got started on guitar… send them to Self Start Guitar!
  • Make cool and interesting music for me to show off.
  • Sign up for FullRigged Custom Shop Monthly Newsletter –  Show me some love there!
  • Buy your strings and accessories through FullRigged Amazon Shop!
  • Keep viewing this blog — the view count really gets me fired up and helps push me through sales slumps!
  • Share, Like, RT, and Star up things for me once in a while via Facebook and Twitter.

Any, a few, or all of those things will really help propel this project forward!

Also, for those of you who missed out on the free promotion, I am giving Part 1 of the Mini Lessons Series away for free to get you started!

Please take advantage!

Thanks everyone and keep on it!



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