Fun stuff about guitar…

One of my good friends said it best, when taking on a new hobby all the fun is in acquiring all the peripherals.  For guitar he means a fresh tuner, cool picks, a rad strap, bitchin’ pedals, colorful cables, cases and bags (and stickers for such), a sweet but mean amplifier…. all that stuff and more.

Even when taking to the stage or doing a house/basement show you need to put a little thought into the look.  It’s really been overplayed by now, the tight pants and all that… at some point in the 90s or 2ks the typical rock stage look had taken to the streets..  For country music I think it started even earlier…. when stage fashion and street fashion came together.

*You still have KISS, 1970s Elvis (and jump suit rhinestone country), 1970s Elton John, Angus Young, and GWAR…  who I don’t see anybody running around town everyday looking like.

I think the fun is also found in naming your band, your guitar, your songs, and albums.

Rock Cornish Game Hens

Paper Planes Crashing

Versace Shot Dead

Those are some names of groups that I played in and with.  And I can only remember having a few select shirts that I used to wear… Mostly blue thrift store button ups, but I did have a slightly parachute-like silky purple blouse that I would break out on occasion… Which I called ‘the shirt formerly owned by Prince’ and then later just ‘the shirt.’

It’s all fun, and I hope to help you get there…

Learn your basic guitar and you can flush out the rest!

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