So you want to play guitar…

So you want to play guitar…

General information

Self Start Guitar Q&A Tips eBook for free.

Acquire a guitar

Pawn shop, local music store, online retailer, hand me down, gift, trade…  Just get a guitar somehow… legally.


Tuning your guitar is your official first challenge.  You can get a tuner, a tuner app, a pitch pipe.  I do have a post on tuning with a tuner here in the Tips category.

Guitar Picks

Get a few of these in different thicknesses, so you can zone in on which size you prefer.


  • Beginner:  Start at step 1 of the Mini Lessons Series.  Make sure you understand and are well practiced before moving on to the next step.  These lessons will build your foundation one piece at a time… and give you ideas on areas to further study.
  • Advanced:  Once you complete the Mini Lessons Series, you will have an idea to further flush out your playing.  When you know exactly what you are looking for, you can find it free all over blogs, websites, and YouTube.  Example: Finger picking – you can just look up finger picking styles and get instruction on just that topic.

You can also, if you are a Amazon Kindle user, get all the lessons at once by purchasing 10 Easy Lessons.

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