I reject…

  1. I reject gadgets that have come out recently to teach you to play guitar.   It’s just not organic learning… organic learning was never broke so why fix it.  Face it, you are a huge company who can flash your expensive technology in peoples faces with mega ad campaigns, that is all.
  2. I reject any method that conscienceless spins and hypes their claim.  The competition in this teaching space is tough, then you have all these miracle cures… “learn guitar in 5 days” out here selling snake oil.  Guitar is a life long journey… it’s a process, and it’s based on the individual.  Everyone has different goals, different amounts of practice time, and different levels of ambition.  Why put that pressure on someone??  So if I don’t learn in the time frame the book claims, then I must feel failure?  Junk.
  3. I reject the saying you have to read music to really play guitar.  If you read music, that’s great… you will have a few more options as to making a profession out of playing guitar.  I will tell you though, the symphony pay scale isn’t so much. You will be a better copier, but it says nothing about creativity.  It’s nice, but not a must… this has been proven many times over.  Besides, most people play for fun and to express themselves…
  4. I reject “for dummies” books just because I personally don’t like their title.  I get that it’s a joke and all, but it is 2014 now…time to put that to rest.

I’d rather do it simple and be honest:

Here is what you need to know at this stage.

Here is the order to learn in a building block fashion.

If you don’t catch it, go over it again… no rush.

When you are comfortable, move on.

Ask me questions via twitter anytime.

When you are finished, you may be happy with what you can do.

If you are hungry for more, then here is what you can look into.

And now that you know what to look into, and since you know your basic lessons, just look it up online and find really good free information.

Sign up for my newsletter and maybe I’ll build you some custom equipment someday.

And send me links if you want to show off!

Send me your friends when they start bothering you to teach them.


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