Pinball Wizard and me

If Tommy… (aka The Pinball Wizard) can kick everyone’s butt at pinball…  being deaf, dumb, and blind… then come on, you can learn to play guitar!   I know it’s fictional…  but hey, I’m trying to motivate you over here!

Let me tell you about my experience with the Pinball Wizard and the rock opera Tommy… 

  • I love The Who.
  • I love guitar.
  • I love rock.
  • I love that intro to The Pinball Wizard, and it was one of the first things I learned to play on guitar.
  • That first chiming Bm Chord sometimes chills my spine.
  • I love the fast strumming in the song.
  • I don’t like Musicals…. but I give The Who a pass.  (When I was a kid, we ordered the pay-per-view reunion concert of The Who doing Tommy and it was pretty awesome.)

In the 90s sometime, there was a Broadway version of Tommy that came out and toured around the world.

I was completely not interested… until…

The girl that was teaching me piano and her friend from out of town invited me to go.

So hoping rondez vous avec deux would turn into something else french involving trois…

I could see the Rock-N-Roll in going to this Broadway production.

We put it on thick…

I got all sharp dressed… suit, tie, hat, and cane.

The girls looked fabulous with their dresses, shoes, and hair done up.

We had a driver with a big white Cadillac, complete with fuzzy dice, pick us up.

He rolled us right to the front and opened the door for us to step out.

With a girl on each arm… pricey tickets in my lining pocket… everything is looking Rock N Roll.

Then the show starts….

I’m sure for a sophisticated ear it this off Broadway was huge hit… but as for my Rock N Roll ear…

I’ve been in elevators that rocked harder than this!

What a let down…

Someone light something!

These jazz hand waving… dancing singing showboating fools…  with perfect ultra orthodox choir breath voices… extra enunciating every word of this… this… supposed Rock-N-Roll!


Someone smash a guitar!


Isle of Wight!!!

I want an aged whiskey on the rocks…  and this show is nothing to me but sparkling grape juice…

Crushed by the Broadway machine.

I could have slept through it.

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