Playing Wild and Free(se)!

Yesterday I was talking about playing flawless licks multiple times without mistakes… basically being a polished performer… and how it takes more than just a book to get there.  But I don’t want to undervalue playing for fun and the ‘accidentals” that give music an appealing flavor too.

The other night on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, a band near and dear to me was on…

The Replacements

We are talking 30 plus years of awesome garage rockin’ fun right here… straight from Minneapolis.

I can’t do the whole biography on these guys, just check the Wiki… and that still doesn’t even tell you the story of how many artists have been influenced by them.

Garage Rock at its’ finest!  

Things to note…

Bass player, Tommy Stinson, always wears a bow tie.

The song is Alex Chilton… Alex was in the Box Tops (“The Letter” from the 1960s) and Big Star (1970s) out of Memphis Tn.

And that’s Josh Freese on drums…  He’s done tons of studio work, and is just the go to guy if you need a drummer… The Vandals, Nine Inch Nails, Weezer, Paramore, Guns and Roses, A Perfect Circle, Offspring, Sublime… he’s been in or has filled in for all these groups plus many others.  I am a big fan of Josh Freese.


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