The Art Of My Teaching Is In The Order To Which You Are Presented.

Ladies and Gentleman,

Today I had two brave and ambitious souls step up to the offer of me helping them work through the 10 Easy Lessons eBook. I am breaking it down and letting them work at their own pace. When they grasp each lesson and are ready to move forward, I will provide them with the next step.  I am also available for them to contact if they need to work through any issues there may be in the literature.

In turn, they have agreed to post some sort of feedback or show off their skill via YouTube once completed.

I am of coarse a little nervous about this as I have no control over the talents that either may posses, nor can I control how much effort they put into it.  I can only slow them down and give them a little slice at a time for them to be focused on.

Which got me thinking…

I am working tonight to break 10 Easy Lessons down into a 4 part mini series, so everyone can do the same.  What I have noticed from peddling eBooks is that there is reluctance to spend too much on nontraditional lessons without immediately seeing any value.  I hope to cure this.

Each mini will be priced at $1.99 USD, which is cheaper than a magazine…

The main eBook, available exclusively at Amazon is $7.96 usd…

So not really a difference except with the minis you can purchase as needed, and have a lower up front risk.

Again, what I really like about this break down… (And I’ll profit less off of it, at Amazon you can only make 35% off anything cheaper than $2.99… and 70% over that mark.)  But what I really like is that the player can focus on just the lesson at hand and won’t be tempted to skim about the book.  The art of my teaching is in the order to which you are presented.

You pay $1.99, you get that piece of the overall book… when you are ready to move forward… when you know that information is really stuck in your head and in your practice, then move on to the next one.  If you fail, or realize you haven’t the time… then no rush, and your financial loss is at a minimum.   These minis will be available forever, so you have plenty of time to make it back if you still have the desire.

But ideally you can purchase and work through 1 Step a week and have an excellent grasp on Basic Guitar in 1 months time!  

I really like this plan, and hopefully you will also!

Thank you,


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