Dave Grohl… Sunday Spotlight

“The Musician comes first.”

From the 90’s all the way to today, everything Dave Grohl touches turns to gold.  Nirvana,  Foo, his stint with Queens of the Stone Age… Sound City…

“Guilt. Guilt is cancer. It will confine you, torture you, destroy you as a musician. It is a wall. It is a black hole. It is a thief. It will keep you from YOU. Remember learning your first song, or riff, or writing your first lyric? There was no guilt then. Remember when there WAS no right or wrong? Remember the simple reward of just . . . playing music? You are still, and will always be that person at your core. The musician. And, The musician comes first.”

I believe the first song he sung lead/played guitar on was in Nirvana called “Marigold” and it was a B side on the “Heart-Shaped Box” single.  It was my favorite Nirvana song… I wasn’t a big fan, but I appreciated them.

“I’ve never really figured out why that happened. Timing? Perhaps. Legions of disaffected American youth fed up with Wilson Phillips? Probably . . .”

If you get the chance watch/listen to Dave’s keynote address at the South by South West music summit from 2013.  Dave tells his whole story/music journey!  This really should fire you up to play!  I completely admire his hard work and his DIY attitude. 


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