Tune Up with a Tuner

The real first hill to climb with your guitar is tuning it.  I’m going to attempt to help you get there with today’s post.

Let’s think Flat (b) is to the Headstock and Sharp (#) is to the Body.

*The Headstock is where the tuner pegs are located.  The Body is where the Sound Hole or Pick ups are located.

The note on your Top String (when it is tuned to E) at the 5th fret should be an A…

One fret BACK, at the 4th fret, is Ab (flat) and one fret UP, at the 6th fret is A# (sharp.)

BACK being to the Headstock, and UP being to the Body.

Got it?

Now let’s look at all the Notes (Chromatic Scale.)   Let’s just start at A…

A – A#/Bb – B – C – C#Db – D – D#Eb – E – F – F#Gb – G – G#Ab – A

Each one of these are 1/2 step apart (one fret = 1/2 step)… also called a Semitone.

So looking at all the Notes of the Chromatic Scale, if you are trying to tune your Open String to E and you are using a tuner and it reads D, then you are 2 Semitones Flat.  If the tuner reads F, then you are a 1/2 step/one fret/one Semitone Sharp.

If you are reading Flat, you need to tighten.  Sharp, you need to loosen.

Turn your tuner on and pluck/pick the Open String that you are wanting to tune.

Figure out just how Flat or Sharp you are from the given reading by looking at the Chromatic Scale.

Adjust (tighten/loosen) accordingly.

Make small turns on the Guitar Tuner Keys and pluck the Open String again for another reading.

Repeat the process until you zero in on the Note you are wanting.

Standard Tuning (Bottom String to Top String)







Free Tuner Apps:



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