Welcome to the Self Start Guitar Blog!


I’m Ryan, and I am glad we’ve connected.

You want to learn guitar.

I have reflected on how I would go about learning if I had to do it all over again.  Stripping down everything to the very basics and putting them in an eBook for you.

You want someone to teach you.

I want you to realize that learning guitar can be done by your own will.   That also, at least in the beginning when concentration and memorization is a must, learning guitar is not a dating activity.  And that you can either wait around, or actually do something about it.  It takes work, it doesn’t come easy but to a few, and it is not favorable to being passive.  You want it, you do it… no excuses and no looking back!

You want results fast.

I want you to have a solid foundation to build off of, and an idea of the possible directions you can take to further flush out your style of playing… until you’ve achieved your balance and find contentment with your knowledge of the instrument.

You don’t want to pay any money… you can just look up Chords.

There are a lot of free lessons on the net… I agree.  However, knowing what I know, I feel your success rate with learning anything intermediate to advanced will be greatly increased if you have a firm grasp on what the Self Start Guitar 10 Easy Lessons can show you.

It’s modestly priced so you will have a little motive to actually put forth some effort… whereas with free lessons you can pick and choose what you pay attention to and can easily justify failure because “it was free anyway”, and “I can always come back to it.”

Being organized is going to be key to your success. If you are bouncing around all the free lessons videos, can you really thread them all together to understand what you are really learning?

You still want an actual physical teacher.

I am all for instructors for advanced and intermediate lessons.  But I believe you can knock out the Beginner phase with my eBook and can go into lessons with more confidence.  You will also save probably at least $50 by learning these basics on your own.  In fact, you may not even want to take on an instructor because you will have an idea of what areas you want to learn next, and can find that information all over the web for free.

Ok, but why does your eBook you just focus on Beginners?

Because it is what I do the best, and something I use to do all the time with my friends.  I cut through any of the confusion and show you this, that, and this is what you should be focused on at the Beginning Stage, and when you grasp all that… you can look into this, that, and this other aspect to flush out your playing style.

I like bringing new people in to playing the guitar.  Sure I want to make a few dollars here and there, but the value is really in your hands.  The value is in the skill you learn and the fact that you stepped up, put in the effort, and did it.


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